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Integrated Fat-Loss Solution

"Success is the Journey, NOT the Destination"


Client Type:

  • Anyone looking to start their journey towards Sustainable Fat-Loss and not just changes on a scale.   The "IFLS" is a set of coaching strategies that focus on each person's Individual Blueprint which is needed for life long change.

  • Anyone looking for real life Fat-Loss by translating what really works with real people and not unrealistic programs that leave people confused and frustrated on what exactly to do.


What to Expect on Your Journey:

  • Identification of Individual Blueprint

  • Accountability & Education

  • Individualized Nutritional Coaching

  • 4 Pillars of Fat-Loss Coaching

  • Real-Life Fat-Loss Strategies based on Individual Blueprint

  • Dining out for Fat-Loss

  • Grocery Shopping Tips

"I am so happy to have lost the weight and inches, while gaining strength and confidence.  Several people have noticed and commented on my appearance and it has been a pleasure to tout the praises of Integrated Movement."

                                                         Lynn M.

"Since starting at Integrated Movement, I have lost 40lbs while reducing my body fat from 20% to 10%.  I've also lost 7 inches in my waist while improving my core strength.  Thanks to Integrated Movement and their proven system!"

                                                       John S.

"When I started with Integrated Movement, I was 225 lbs. and 17% body fat.  Now I'm 195 lbs. and 9% body fat.  At 40, Integrated Movement's core and strength training has me in the best shape of my life.  Thank You!"                                             

                                                     Phil B.

"Integrated Movement is the best!  They are the place you want to help you get healthier.  They combine a broad base of knowledge with the lastest techniques and strategies and a real dedication to helping people be their best.  If you're stuck in a training limbo with the same old trainer counting out reps for you stop now!  You know how to count for yourself.  See Integrated Movement to help you find the motivation, the plan, and the support you need need to truly get healthy."

                                                            Mike O.

"Integrated Movement has helped me achieve my goals for weight-loss and fitness. I have been able to lose 38 lbs. with the help of Integrated Movement.  Thank you!"
                                                           Chris L.

"In he past 6 months I have lost 50lbs.  My life has a more positive outlook because I feel better about my appearance and I know I'm healthier now than before I came to Integrated Movement regularly.  Even when I feel down about myself becuase of lack of motivation or perceived failing, IM is quick to encourage and convince me to carry on with my workouts and guiding me through the minefield of food selections at the store or in my home.  Every week I look forward to coming to IM and working out because they make it fun and challenging for me.  Integrated Movement is the best place I could ask for and I'm grateful for them to continually push me to become a stronger, healthier me."

                                                          Morgan H.

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