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IM Rehabilitation & Recovery

Our Mission:

  • To help each individual by looking at posture, patterns of movement, and environmental factors that may have caused injury or pain to a certain area of the body and develop a strategy for ultimate success moving forward.  

Client Type:

  • Anyone who's recovering from an injury or is dealing with chronic pain and is looking for a gameplan to aid in returning to real life function as well as decreasing the chances of the injury occurring again.


What to Expect:

  • Individualzed Functional Assessment

  • Communication with Physical Therapist or Chiropractor on current care strategies

  • Individualized Movement Program

  • Pain Management Training Strategies

  • Recovery Nutritional Education

"It's our job to get you out of pain and improve your overall quality of life!"

A tape that allows body to reduct pain and injury

"As a young athlete many years ago, I took up weight training primarily to gain an edge over my competitors.  I continued to lift after forsaking competitive athletics, just to stay in shape.  So when I first began training at Integrated Movement, after decades of weight training and athletic competition, my low back, shoulders and knees felt painful and painfully worn out.  Two years later, I'm a new man - no back, shoulder or knee pain, less body fat and stronger than I've been in years.  Thanks for teaching an old dog new tricks, and for keeping me pain-free and uninjured in the process.  You're the best!"                                            

                                                                  Ken A.

Thanks for getting me through my injuries and helping me come back strong to win a State Championship.  You guys are the best!"

                                                                  Megan R.


A soft tissue company to help people with pain and function

"I was referred to Integrated Movment after a stride analysis showed a noticeable right leg weakness.  After their evaluation, we came up with a plan that was custom with my goals.  After 8 weeks, I have seen tremendous improvement in my leg strength while running, especially with hills, or pushing the wheelchair.  My overall training runing pas has improved a solid minute.  I am not having the nagging foot pain and I know that is directly from their stretches, and the foam roller they have me doing.  I can finally walk barefoot again without pain.  I have a home program to work on the things I learn at IM, and committed to that....the results have been amazing! 

                                                                        Kathy L.

A form of cupping the body from injury

"I began working with Integrated Movement after hearing several friends sing their praises, and watching their overall fitness and success with running improving steadily.  I've been prone to multiple injuries due to many years of distance running and despite having lifted weights regularly for a long time, was becoming increasingly frustrated.  At our initial consultation they performed a thorough evaluation and right away I realized their approach was going to be unique.  They challenge me, addressing my weaknesses and imbalances, and modifies their approach as we go.  My strength and balance are improving right before my eyes, and lost weekend I completed a half marathon with ZERO pain.  I hope to continue working with Integrated Movement as their approach is targeted and individualized and for the first time in many years, I am optimistic that my athleticism is improving, rather than decreasing with age."

                                                                                Chris B


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