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"I am so happy to have lost the weight and inches, while gaining strength and confidence.  Several people have noticed and commented on my appearance and it has been a pleasure to tout the praises of Integrated Movement."

                                            Lynn M.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank Integrated Movement for taking me to the next level in my collegiate running career.  Training at Integrated Movement took me from being a good D-I runner to one of the best collegiate distance runners in the nation."
                                     Racheal M.

"When I started with Integrated Movement, I was 225 lbs. and 17% body fat.  Now I'm 195 lbs. and 9% body fat.  At 40, Integrated Movement's core and strength training have me in the best shape of my life.  Thank You!"
                                              Phil B.

"At Integrated Movement, I was offered a multifaceted approach to fitness including nutritional assistance, a specialized weightlifting program, and speed workouts.  Being a basketball player, I have always been trying new ways to increase my vertical, and I can say definitely that Integrated Movement offered by the far the most successful strategy to accomplish this goal.  In addition, I made the largest improvements in strength, agility, and endurance in any off-season of my life.  Thanks to Integrated Movement, I get to see how my improved fitness translates to the court in my up-coming season.

                                                   Pete N.

"I was referred to Integrated Movment after a stride analysis showed a noticeable right leg weakness.  After their evaluation, we came up with a plan that was custom with my goals.  After 8 weeks, I have seen tremendous improvement in my leg strength while running, especially with hills, or pushing the wheelchair.  My overall training runing pas has improved a solid minute.  I am not having the nagging foot pain and I know that is directly from their stretches, and the foam roller they have me doing.  I can finally walk barefoot again without pain.  I have a home program to work on the things I learn at IM, and committed to that....the results have been amazing! 

                                           Kathy L.

"In he past 6 months I have lost 50lbs.  My life has a more positive outlook because I feel better about my appearance and I know I'm healthier now than before I came to Integrated Movement regularly.  Even when I feel down about myself becuase of lack of motivation or perceived failing, IM is quick to encourage and convince me to carry on with my workouts and guiding me through the minefield of food selections at the store or in my home.  Every week I look forward to coming to IM and working out because they make it fun and challenging for me.  Integrated Movement is the best place I could ask for and I'm grateful for them to continually push me to become a stronger, healthier me."

                                     Morgan H.

"Integrated Movement has helped me achieve my goals for weight-loss and fitness. I have been able to lose 38 lbs. with the help of Integrated Movement.  Thank you!"
                                        Chris L.

"Integrated Movement is the best!  They are the place you want to help you get healthier.  They combine a broad base of knowledge with the lastest techniques and strategies and a real dedication to helping people be their best.  If you're stuck in a training limbo with the same old trainer counting out reps for you stop now!  You know how to count for yourself.  See Integrated Movement to help you find the motivation, the plan, and the support you need need to truly get healthy."

                                              Mike O.

Integrated Movement helped me to make greater gains that I could ever have perceived to be possible.  Anyone looking for a sure-fire way to attain their goals must first look to Integrated Movement.  Work is done, goals are achieved, and dreams are realized."

                                              JJ P.

After beginning to train at Integrated Movement, I soon realized that they offered me a style of training that cannot be found anywhere else in the region.  Anyone who is serious about becoming an elite athlete at any level should jump on this bandwagon real soon.  This place is for real!"

                                             Tim H.

"Since I started working with the team at Integrated Movement, I have lost 16lbs and I haven't been in this great of shape since I was in college.  And I cannot believe how much nutrition and fitness has changed since then!  I had a lot to relearn, and it makes so much more sense now.  Thank you to my friends at IM, you've made a huge difference in my life!"

                                            Mara O.

"I wanted to let everyone know how pleased and happy I am to have found Integrated Movement and also to be fortunate enough to be trained by Integrated Movement.  I believe it is important to be training under proper supervision and in addition Integrated Movement has taught me that importance of real food and proper diet.  I continually try to make better choices and learn healthier recipes because I know that is what makes a difference.  Thank you Integrated Movement for all your help and support and making a difference in how I choose to live a healthier lifestyle.  Down 17lbs!"

                                         Sandy F

"As a young athlete many years ago, I took up weight training primarily to gain an edge over my competitors.  I continued to lift after forsaking competitive athletics, just to stay in shape.  So when I first began training at Integrated Movement, after decades of weight training and athletic competition, my low back, shoulders and knees felt painful and painfully worn out.  Two years later, I'm a new man - no back, shoulder or knee pain, less body fat and stronger than I've been in years.  Thanks for teaching an old dog new tricks, and for keeping me pain-free and uninjured in the process.  You're the best!"
                                            Ken A.

"I began working with Integrated Movement after hearing several friends sing their praises, and watching their overall fitness and success with running improving steadily.  I've been prone to multiple injuries due to many years of distance running and despite having lifted weights regularly for a long time, was becoming increasingly frustrated.  At our initial consultation they performed a thorough evaluation and right away I realized their approach was going to be unique.  They challenge me, addressing my weaknesses and imbalances, and modifies their approach as we go.  My strength and balance are improving right before my eyes, and lost weekend I completed a half marathon with ZERO pain.  I hope to continue working with Integrated Movement as their approach is targeted and individualized and for the first time in many years, I am optimistic that my athleticism is improving, rather than decreasing with age."

                                              Chris B

Thanks for getting me through my injuries and helping me come back strong to win a State Championship.  You guys are the best!"

                                           Megan R.

"Since starting at Integrated Movement, I have lost 40lbs while reducing my body fat from 20% to 10%.  I've also lost 7 inches in my waist while improving my core strength.  Thanks to Integrated Movement and their proven system!"

                                              John S.

Integrated Movement builds athletes, not like mchines that look like Tarzan in the weight room, but play like Jane on the field.  With your help, I have created a heathlier diet for myself, increased muscle while decreasing body fat and becoming a more explosive and stable athlete."

                                                   Alex S.

"I have always been a good athlete - in fact- my athleticism helped to get me a Division I basketball scholarship.  Now, at the age of 32, I compete professionally against women that are 10 years younger than me.  With the help of Integrated Movement, I am a better athlete than I was in college.  I have leaned out (lost 15lbs of fat), yet improved my strength, agility and flexibility.  Integrated Movement has helped me learn to eat for performance, train with science and truley listen to my body"

                                           Jeanette G.

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