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What is Integrated Movement?

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the IM Blog. This is where we will address many issues that arise in the course of helping each one of our clients unlock their goals and reach the optimal Best Version of themselves. We are here to serve and help! Nothing else matters!!

Our Mission

Integrated Movement is dedicated to helping ALL clients reach their goals. We will meet you where you need to be met and deliver every possible option so that each session is centered around you and your goals.

Our Promise

We promise our system of coaching is completely one-on-one based and focuses only on what we call your Individual Blueprint. Your blueprint is comprised of everything that makes you you. In a world obsessed with group training where the individual can get lost, that will never happen here! We are dedicated to the individual and will NOT sacrifice quality for quantity when it comes to you and your goals!

What We Offer

We specialize in Weight loss (Fat loss truly), Personal Training & Movement, Sports Performance, and Rehabilitation. The IM Experience is all about you and we will do our absolutely best helping your achieve your goals.

Thank You

Team IM


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